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Square One Paving Ltd. specializes in the beautification of stamped asphalt decorative driveways Victoria.

As an accredited applicator for both StreetPrint, genuine stamped asphalt and StreetBond, advanced coating system, Square One Paving can create the look of brick, slate, stone and other designs directly on your asphalt driveway by installing this asphalt imprinting system. The result is a cost-effective durable and beautiful driveway that compliments your home.

Whether you have an existing asphalt driveway or thinking of a new one, you can choose a simple circle, border accents, or StreetPrint the entire driveway.  Square One Paving Ltd., your driveway contractor in Victoria, BC, can give you a decorative paving solution that will create a beautiful driveway that compliments your home.

Decorative driveway applications in Victoria, use a combination of two of our top performing products including StreetPrint & StreetBond paving and coatings systems. StreetPrint is initially used to achieve desired visual patterning and is a patented surface stamping system, followed by StreetBond, a coloring and sealing system, applied to asphalt or concreate to provide vivid, long lasting color, while preserving the life of the pavement.

Why Choose
Decorative Driveways Victoria?

1. Beautiful design

Choose from a variety of design patterns and colour options for your decorative vancouver driveway

2. High Durability

Our decorative driveways are built to withstand years of wear, without sacrificing integrity

3 . cost smart

Decorative stamped asphalt is an affordable and competitive option for your residential driveway project

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